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Empowering you to get in tune with your mind-body and prevent unwanted stress, pain and tension. Reconnect and feel in control, energised, healthy and happy.


Welcome to Dr Valerie’s Mind-Body Connection

No one knows your body better than you, and with the right steps, you have the ability to alleviate body pain, stress and tension.

Left unchecked, aches and pains can worsen over time and result in irritability, sleep deprivation and fatigue. Listening and responding to your body will press STOP on these symptoms and prevent them from adversely impacting your daily life.

In a climate of uncertainty, sudden COVID-19 lockdowns and long hours working from home, many of my clients report increased body tension, pain and stress. Overwhelmed, they reached out to me for help.

With an in-depth understanding of my patients’ discomfort, I was able to better address their concerns through a tailored, collaborative process, and my signature ‘4S Method’ was born.

The ‘4S Method’ has taught my clients to identify, understand and reconnect with their bodies to directly address discomfort, building resilience and balance.

With the success of my ‘4S Method’, I have transformed my in-person training into a 5-week, immersive and interactive group program, delivered online.

The ‘4S Method’

In short, the ‘4S Method’ covers the following areas:

Story – Define your story
           Source –  Identify your triggers
        Steps – Develop your strategy
            Sustain – Maintain momentum

The ‘4S Method’ Outcomes

Gain insight into what your body is feeling and why
Enable trust in your mind-body connection
Improved self-confidence

Save Money, Time & Energy

Know the steps to find the right expert support
Forget endless appointments and confusion
Get right to the issue

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

I have always been like this
I have to live with pain
It’s just the way it is
I don’t have the time
No one has been able to help me
It hurts to admit that I have to live this way
I am alone
I can’t control my body
I don’t know what to do with all this information available to me

You might be experiencing Imposter Syndrome

The ‘4S Method’ will also enable you to defeat ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and regain your body’s health, balance, and well-being.

Ready to take control?

If you’re ready to discover a better you, feel more alive, relaxed and revitalised, then we welcome you on the ‘4S Method’ Program. Secure your spot, limited number available.


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